Handcrafted Braided Jute Rope.


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Elevate playtime with our Handcrafted Jute Rope – the perfect combination of sustainability and entertainment!

Skillfully crafted by local artisans, each Braided Jute Rope reflects our dedication to eco-friendly pet products. Made from natural jute fibers, this rope offers durability without compromising on environmental responsibility, making it a conscientious choice for pet owners who prioritize sustainability.

Designed for interactive play, our Braided Jute Rope is ideal for games of tug-of-war, fetch, and satisfying chew sessions. Its rugged texture provides a stimulating chewing experience that helps promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup.

At Greener Tails, we’re committed to providing pets with safe, eco-conscious toys that enhance their well-being while minimizing our impact on the planet. With our Handcrafted Braided Jute Rope, you can feel confident knowing you’re giving your furry friend a sustainable and enriching play experience.

Choose sustainability without sacrificing fun – treat your pet to our Jute Rope today!


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 40 cm

Hemp, Cotton